Day: September 14, 2020

Event: Digitally-Skilled Freelancers Online Catch-up

Thursday, September 17, 20208:00 PM to 10:00 PM CEST This meetup is all about bringing together individuals offering digital services (e.g. freelance, consulting, self-employed, agencies). It will take place online, as a group video call. For all the details go to: Or RSVP via email:

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Skilloverse: September 2020 Updates

Use Skilloverse as a freelancer-to-freelancer networking tool We’re asking for feedback for Skilloverse Join our mailing list Attend Skilloverse events Use Skilloverse as a freelancer-to-freelancer networking tool Freelancers can use Skilloverse to meet other freelancers. This can help if you want to get to know more people with supplementary skills

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The visibility of names in Skilloverse

Skilloverse highly values the privacy of freelancers and clients, that’s why, by default, it only reveals names between freelancers and clients once they have agreed

It’s all about the freelancers

We view Skilloverse as a platform which puts freelancers first, at no disadvantage to potential clients. It is created by freelancers, after all. We believe