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Having fun at Meetups!

I ran an event entitled Digitally-Skilled Individuals meet Clients #1 on Meetup last week. Digitally-Skilled Individuals refers to anyone whose work at least partly involves a digital device and who works for themselves. At the event, there were developers, photographers, designers, marketing consultants, and videographers. It was great to meet everyone who turned up and I am impressed with the range and depth of the skills present at the event.

In the middle of the event, we had a discussion about how we went about meeting clients. It was really good to see how the group was able to help one another with some effective-sounding and sometimes entertaining tips on how to go about finding new clients. This was great, since almost all people attending were looking for clients.

Nothing is perfect and I think there were some areas for improvement. For example, I ordered pizzas that came uncut. We were suddenly severly under-supplied with pizza cutters. I ran to a nearby restaurant who helped us out with some cultery. The arrangement of the room was also problematic, the tables, which were unused throughout the event, sort of pushed us to the side. So there’s a couple of tweaks to make so that the next event is a bit better. šŸ‘

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