Skilloverse: September 2020 Updates

  • Use Skilloverse as a freelancer-to-freelancer networking tool
  • We’re asking for feedback for Skilloverse
  • Join our mailing list
  • Attend Skilloverse events

Use Skilloverse as a freelancer-to-freelancer networking tool

Freelancers can use Skilloverse to meet other freelancers. This can help if you want to get to know more people with supplementary skills to yours.

Once you’ve got a freelancer profile with Skilloverse, you can open “Meet Freelancers” from the menu and you will screen like the following:

This list of freelancer profiles is sorted by their relevance to your own freelancer profile. To start a conversation with another freelancer: write an opening message, and send the invite. An example of an opening message could be something like: “Hey, I’m also working with JavaScript in Berlin; want to catch up some time?”. You’ll get an email notification when the freelancer accepts the invitation.

We’re asking for feedback for Skilloverse

Please let me know what you think about Skilloverse. Do you like it? Did you encounter any issues? Feel free to share your thoughts with Will: Thanks!

Join our mailing list

We’ve started a new mailing list for Skilloverse. Feel free to join using the Skilloverse home page:

We will send information about general Skilloverse updates, topics for freelancers and their clients as well as events we’re running.

Attend Skilloverse events

Check our meetup page for latest events. They are online events, so you can attend from anywhere.

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